Presentation for conference

A set of dynamic presentations for three speakers with a total volume of more than 150 slides
Project description
Alfa Smart Agro is a leading manufacturer of plant protection products and microfertilizers. A distinctive feature is the availability of its own production facilities in Ukraine. The company fully meets the requirements of a modern European company in terms of product quality and a reasonable approach to agronomy.

In preparation for the agro-conference project, a task arose to adapt the existing presentation according to updated standards. It was necessary to refresh the visual style of the slides, update the content based on the comments of the campaign representative and add animations, as the information was planned for presentation to a fairly wide audience on a large screen.

At the time of contacting us, the question was quite trivial today - to work out a huge amount of information in a fairly short time. In addition, the content for the slides was finalized in batches.

In the process of work, the problem arose of visualizing a large amount of data - tables, graphs, comparative parameters of agricultural products and categories.

In the results of several iterations to create a stylistic concept, selection of colors and font solutions, rearrangement of content between slides, we managed to achieve an excellent result, leaving both speakers and listeners satisfied and inspired.
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